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Panasonic NB-G100P 7.2-Quart 1300-Watt Infrared Toaster Oven

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Product Description

Item Info: ? Bake a pizza! Toast fresh or frozen bread. Warm baked goods. Reheat fried food. Bake frozen hash browns. You can even bake a cake in it! ,? Cooks about 40% FASTER than regular ovens,? Instant heating/no preheating,? Temperature Keypad for precise temperature control and digital timer to prevent overcooking ,? Compact: (10"H x 13"W x 12"D) . .

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #164399 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Model: NB-G100P
  • Dimensions: 12.50" h x 13.20" w x 14.20" l, 7.50 pounds


  • Cooks up to 40 percent faster than conventional toaster ovens
  • Cooking menu includes six illustrated preset buttons
  • Digital timer and temperature keypad
  • Interior light, crumb tray, and reminder beep
  • Measures 13 by 10-1/4 by 12 inches

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

209 of 213 people found the following review helpful.
A great toaster, but not for baking
By Mike Shkolnik
First I must say that this toaster oven makes better toast than any other toaster oven I have used. That said, there are a few things that disappointed me.
1. There is an on/off button. It would be better if using the other buttons turned it on automatically and it should turn off automatically when the cycle ends.
2. That light is bright! Very strange to have space-alien lighting emanating from the toaster over. A tinted door would be nice.
3. Not good for baking. This oven does a great job of heating the surface, but not so great heating the center of things. Even cookies did not fare well.
4. The oven is hotter in back and cooler in front. It even mentions this in the instructions. Large items such as pizza need to be rotated partway through heating.
5. The temperature increments are weird and won't match most recipes.
It does, however, make great toast. Even Pepperidge Farm's Texas Toast worked well. Any other toaster oven I have used has always toasted the top and bottom unevenly, leaving a crunchy top and soggy bottom. Grilled cheese sandwiches work great too. I love the Frozen Toast button - the button I use most. Hopefully Panasonic will correct the annoyances with the next model, but I'm still keeping this one.

118 of 122 people found the following review helpful.
Greatest toaster ever made!
By artslover
This machine is the best toaster ever -- all my goodies come out evenly browned with just the right crunch factor. But it's best to think of it as a toaster, not a toaster oven. Let's talk about the "40% faster" advertising claim: this set me up to expect toast in microwave time. Not. It takes just as long as a pop-up toaster. But it does a far, far superior job. And let's talk about the "blinding light" complaint from some reviewers: Not. The machine uses visible light in the cooking, so imagine a 60 watt light bulb in a box -- it's not a problem at all. But it's weird at first how the light goes on & off to control the temperature. The little buzzer at the end of the cycle is melodic and pleasant. The quality is excellent, and the controls are sensical and well designed. All-in-all: This is one awesome machine. I'm emotionally bonded with mine, and I'm generally cranky about gadgets that don't meet advertising claims. This machine just makes such darn good toast & browns my bagels so perfectly that I can't part with it.

82 of 85 people found the following review helpful.
Just the Facts Ma'am
By A Customer
Oven uses 3 bulbs to heat instead of metal resistance heat,2 tubes (top+bottom)produce heat and 1 tube(top)produces heat and light.Button for light will activate bulb for a few seconds but since bulb produces heat it goes on and off by itself controlled by thermostat so there is a lightshow.Power is not cut when door is opened so be careful with children.Timer is limited to 25 minutes then oven shuts off,to extend cooking time requires setting timer again so it is more french fry friendly than baked potato friendly.Door is connected to rack which helps raise door since rack is spring loaded.Tray is square and holds small Freshetta brand pizza I enjoy,pictures here show teflon color but tray and interior are plain metal.Crumb tray slides out easily from front but front ledge of oven will collect crumbs since rack moves in and out above this area.I do not know how spills on tube will affect them,interior is heated so much by bulbs drips will turn to smoke requiring tray anyway.Display shows red LED which count down time other lights are red LED also.Toastmaking requires extra step to push on/off button before and after toastmaking and old time ding is replaced with soft beep like wristwatch so mornings will be peaceful.Feet provide air circulation under oven but produced tiny wobble on area I placed it due to uneven carpentry.Warranty card is sent to address in Colorado known for collecting marketing information.This toaster is for people who want something different and value their countertop real estate.

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