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Dualit 2-Slice Toaster, Chrome

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Product Description

The Dualit Classic NewGenToaster combines simplicity and sophistication perfectly. With extra wide 28mm slots to accommodate a Sandwich Cage and the award winning ProHeat elements, a patented design which increases toasting efficiency & element longevity, every toaster has a removable crumb tray and an adjustable rear foot. The Warming Rack is adjustable to work with any of the Dualit Classic Toasters and is exceptionally useful for warming items up with out having to put them into the toaster itself. The sandwich cage which has a built in drip tray, can be purchased as an accessory. DUALIT worldwide sells one sandwich cage and a warming rack with every toaster sold.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #34490 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Size: 2-Slice
  • Color: Chrome
  • Brand: Dualit
  • Model: 20293
  • Dimensions: 10.20" h x 10.20" w x 11.70" l, 1.00 pounds


  • Extra-wide, 28-mm slots accommodate a variety of bread products
  • Award-winning ProHeat elements increase toasting efficiency and element longevity
  • Ejector system keeps toast warm until the ejector lever is pushed up
  • Removable crumb tray; adjustable rear foot
  • Switch-system controls the degree of browning

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

95 of 99 people found the following review helpful.
toaster queen
By jrubi02
My husband is very very picky about his toast. I can honestly say that we went through more than 10 toasters of various prices - high and low - half of them made unacceptable toast - and half of them broke while making unacceptable toast - and then we found the Dualit. This was about 5 years ago - in a true panic, I thought I would just go out and buy the most expensive toaster there was - and found this one at williams-sonoma. Sticker shock, but I've recommended it since, to everyone who toasts. And it has made perfect toast since the day we bought it.
It's great - it is really easy to clean. There is no relying on electronics to decide how toasted the bread is - you figure it out and you know forever - about 2 minutes for a piece of toast for wheat bread from the fridge into cold toaster - if second round of toast and toaster is hot, cut it by 25%. The little ticking sound while it's fixing your perfect toast is nice to keep you remembering that you have toast - and when the ticking stops (no cha-ching), you know you are ready.
I have zero regrets and hundreds of absolutely perfect toasting experiences. And we paid full price - this was before amazon got into this market. Dualit is the best toaster in the world -and me? - I am the toaster queen.

38 of 41 people found the following review helpful.
Stop searching for a good toaster, bite the bullet and buy one!
By H. Wright
I love my Dualit!

Our old toaster died one Sunday morning so Monday I started searching for a new one. We had a Cuisanart - and I had planned on buying the same brand of toaster maybe just a 4 slot version until I read the reviews. The one that was on sale at the local department store (for $100)got miserable reviews on Amazon, so I searched and searched and searched and the only toaster that got consistantly good reviews is the Dualit.

I ended up purchasing a refurbished Dualit on another website for about half the price. I'm not one to skimp on kitchen appliances or gadgets, but spending over $200 on a toaster seemed a bit extreme. Now that I've received it I've decided it's worth every penny. If it breaks tomorrow, I'd definitely run right out and spend pay full price to replace it.

I love the fact that operates completely different than any other toaster out there. It's best to preheat it - but once you do you can put in pieces of bread one right after another with consistant results. None of the problems you have w/American toasters when they get heated where the first piece is perfect, the next is too light, and the next comes out more like a piece of bread and so on.

The other thing I love is the fact that you raise and lower the bread when the timer goes off, versus the American toasters where you push the toast down to activate the toaster. That stupid push button/latch mechanism has been the death of every toaster I've ever owned. I was playing with a couple of the Cuisanarts at the department store and on both units it was broken - just from store use, let alone actual use!

Now back to the price again. My sister who doesn't appreciate good kitchenware swears by cheap toasters because she "can replace them every couple of years when something breaks". I started to think back on my old Cuisanart that I loved. I received it as a shower gift when we were married 8 years ago and at the time it was about $60. It was a great toaster and if you averaged it out it cost about $8 a year to own. So - given that, if I replaced a cheap toaster every other year, I doubt I could find a $16 toaster even at a discount store that would last more than a year. Hopefully I haven't cursed my Dualit but if so, like I said earlier, I'd replace it with a full priced non-refurbished any day. Buy one, you'll be happy you did.

57 of 64 people found the following review helpful.
Williams Sonoma electronic version is better
By Raoul
I wanted to love this toaster. My partner and I are fans of timeless, hands on appliances (Rancilio for example), and I thought this appliance would be perfect. I read the reviews on, which warned of fire hazzard, poor build quality and cheap timers, unlike the Dualits of yesteryear. All true, I realized, as soon as this toaster arrived. The timer IS cheap and annoying, and after a few uses it began stopping in the middle of the cycle, leaving the elements still heating. We had to make sure to unplug this potential tragedy after every use. In addition, the toast was nothing a $20 model couldn't master. Aside from the hefty weight and the beauty, it just seemed like I'd succumbed to overpriced hype. But wait! Williams Sonoma sells a "New Gen" model with electronic timer, wider slots, and a bagel setting. I was skeptical, thinking it was just a modern redo with a trashy retro result. But I was so wrong. The WS model took an evolutionay approach, modernizing the controls, speeding warmup, increasing safety, and is superbly built. It works like a charm and feels like it will last forever. Worth every penny of its considerable purchase price. In addition, I was told at the store it would be guaranteed for life. Buy the Williams Sonoma model: it makes great toast (and bagels), is safe and of higher quality, and it's evolutionary design makes the regular model an obsolete, overpriced novelty.

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