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Sharp R-820Bw 900-Watt 0.9-Cubic-Foot Convection Microwave, White

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Product Description

Sharp microwave oven R-820BW white convection/grill 2 line interactive display 35 automatic settings, combination cooking plus 11 power levels.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #91634 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Sharp
  • Model: R820BW
  • Released on: 2004-01-15
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 12.13" h x 19.75" w x 20.50" l, 44.00 pounds


  • 900-watt convection microwave with browning and crisping capabilities
  • Easy-to-clean, 0.9-cubic-foot, stainless-steel interior with light
  • 2-line, 12-digit interactive display; 11 power levels; 35 automatic settings
  • Temperature settings include 100, 150, and 275 to 450 degrees F in 25-degree increments
  • Measures 20-1/2 by 12-1/8 by 19-3/4 inches; 1-year limited warranty

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Customer Reviews

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197 of 199 people found the following review helpful.
A uniquely useful, if not perfect, oven
By bourgeml
Given the tremendous functionality, and especially for the price, I cannot in good conscience give this oven less than 5 full stars. However, that is definitely not to imply that it is perfect. Nothing is, and this is no exception. So, while others here have done a fine job of highlighting the positive aspects (which is in fact why I bought one, too), I will try to provide a more balanced perspective. First, though, a quick re-cap of those highlights. Yes, this oven really does do the job of three: a conventional microwave, a convection unit, and a toaster oven. In fact, that does not do it justice because it does even more than that. You cannot, for example, grill a burger in any of those types, but you can in this. Especially for a small kitchen, this is phenomenally useful. In just a couple of weeks, I've already become reliant on its non-microwave functions for a variety of things, from roast chicken to frozen French fries, both of which come out better than in my conventional oven and in much less than half the time. And cleanup has not been an issue.

Still, there are flaws. Others have noted the wobbly turntable and difficult to read LCD display, and this is true - but I think there are more serious ones. I'll start with build quality since that was the first one I encountered. I've unfortunately had a chance to explore this in-depth, thanks to a broken fan assembly in mine. This was not shipping damage, either, but a manufacturing defect. In checking out the problem, I was able to examine things on the inside, it was clear that the unit is built to a very tight price point. There is an abundance of crimped sheet metal, a minimum number of screws, and cheap plastic snap-ins securing (barely) too many of the vital components. I'll also note that Consumer Reports has been reporting failure rates for Sharp built-in microwaves (the only variety they track reliability in) many times that of the other brands. That said, this unit replaced a Sharp countertop microwave which was still going strong at 13 years. Another weak point - this time of the design - is the ratio of exterior to interior space. In other words, the cavity is quite small for the amount of space the oven takes up, even compared to other convection units. In fact, my counter can just barely accommodate its depth. This is likely partially the result of its `economical' design. Also related to that, no doubt, is the omission of a doneness sensor, which I would expect on any microwave at this price, convection or not. This sensor is what allows a microwave to automatically reheat dishes, and shut off when it detects, through the amount of steam given off, that a dish is done heating. Instead, we are given reheat presets, which are never adequate (unless maybe you weigh your food first and configure it just right on the plate).

However, not all the preset programs are useless. In fact, much to my surprise, some are invaluable. I expected that all the co-called `Compu-` settings were simple time presets, but this is not the case. Many of these are fairly complex cooking routines, sometimes involving all three methods in various sequences. For example, the Compu-Roast 1 program will cook a darn good roast chicken automatically, using microwave, convection, and even the upper grill for browning near the end. The hamburger Compu-Grill program works similarly well, though I believe with just the 2 grills. (It is not always possible to tell what cooking mode is being used). These programs make it simple for even a mediocre cook like myself to begin using the oven instantly and with good results. And it prevents it from becoming merely an overpriced microwave (like my mother's KitchenAid has: it has convection and an upper grill, too, but no programs, so they remain unused after 2 years). Nonetheless, the presence of such helpful programs does not preclude it having a doneness sensor which is virtually a standard feature these days. Ideally, it would also have a linear power supply like the Panasonics do, allowing truly low-power microwaving, rather than simply cycling full power on and off to simulate low power operation. But not many other manufacturers do this, and that may be expecting too much. Finally, beware that this oven will draw more current than a comparably-sized microwave-only unit: up to 13 amps. This can tax a typical 15 amp household circuit if anything else is plugged in. Add a toaster, for example, and you will trip a breaker (I have).

To summarize, while the build quality is a concern, very few ovens I am aware of offer as much functionality to bake, roast, microwave and grill - and fewer still offer preset programs making all that flexibility readily accessible. None do it for so low a price. In fact, of the few other countertop convection microwaves I could find, nearly all were over three hundred dollars actual selling price. That makes this unique oven a bargain in several ways.

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Great microwave-toaster-griller-small oven!
By E. Gray
After reading extensive reviews here and elsewhere, I bit the bullet and ponied up for the expensive little thing, and must agree with the reviewer who said Sharp clearly doesn't know what a great thing they have here, or else they have the worst marketing plan in history. This is a TERRIFIC appliance! It has replaced my old toaster oven and microwave. How much room would that save in YOUR kitchen?

There is more functionality than I normally use, so I'll stick to the things I use it for.

1. First, it does boil water as fast as any other high-powered microwave. The reviewer who wrote otherwise clearly had a defective unit. It's a flawless microwave with flat, easy to clean surfaces, even heating, and a silent turntable. It took me a while to get my head around microwaving with a metal turntable, but it works. I have not had the courage yet to microwave with the 'small, flat' pieces of aluminum foil the manual says you may cover dishes with, but I will try it since everything else they've claimed it does, it does.

2. It does make perfectly fine toast, but I have noticed the length of time varies. A bagel will toast in the same time as my old toaster, about 4 minutes, but sliced bread does take longer, about 7 minutes. To me this isn't a drawback, just worth noting.

3. The grill feature is excellent, heating up small batches of crispy or fried things much faster than my big oven or old toaster oven could. This function is flawless.

4. The convection feature heats casseroles or bakes chicken in exactly half the time of any conventional oven, as it should. The exhaust above the top of the unit (from the fan) can be warm, although the unit remains touchable. I don't see a hazard here, but I would abide their recommended clearances on top, and not store things that would suffer from heat(I have moved my bananas).

5. Compu-serve setting are usful, but you need to read the manual if you intend to use metal cookware, as some setting incorporate microwave cooking for part of the cycle. I use only pyrex, and never think about it.

In conclusion, buy with optimism, read the manual (really) and if you don't think it's performing well, return it for another one because it really works wonders! This is a fantstic tool.

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Just About the Perfect Appliance
By angw
I can't add much to what the first reviewer said, except to say you should get one right now! I hardly use any other appliances for cooking anymore. I was a little worried that it would turn out to do everything, but nothing well, but it actually does everything well. You can roast, bake, grill, or microwave, and I have no complaints on any account. It makes the best roast chicken ever, in much less time than it would take to do it in your oven, and really excels with baked goods as well. This is just a terrific appliance, and while the price seems a little high, it is a great value for all that it does. All of this, and it takes up about a third less space than the microwave it replaced. There should be a fan club!

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