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BroilKing PR-D1N Professional Double Burner Range

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Product Description

A double buffet range that is perfect for dorm rooms or small apartments

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #94925 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Brand: Broil King
  • Model: PR-D1
  • Dimensions: 5.40" h x 14.60" w x 20.90" l, 6.00 pounds


  • 120 volts-1100 watts
  • Infinite Heat Control
  • 5 1/2 diameter high-speed tubular range element
  • Two year warranty
  • 17 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 11 1/2

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

51 of 53 people found the following review helpful.
All or nothing
By A concerned customer
I bought this for our office as a way to give our folks the ability to cook various things for lunch. It has met that goal, and it has been great to have around. I was worried that it wouldn't produce the kind of heat that a regular stove would, but it does just fine!

My one complaint and it is a significant one, is that it doesn't really have a medium heat setting. The dial covers the range but the heat it actually produces is either very, very hot, or hardly anything at all. I don't know if that is a quirk of just my unit or if that's a typical problem people face. That is a big enough flaw, to me, however, that if I bought another one, I would try a different brand.

59 of 65 people found the following review helpful.
Best One Out There
By Jon Jasper
I can't say I've literally tried or tested every counter-top buffet range there is, but this one's construction is clearly superior to all competitor's products. I hesitated - Broil King? Who are they? - sounds like some cheap, discount store brand, but I bought due to the all-steel construction because all the others, made largely out of plastic, seemed seriously cheesy to me. This unit is genuinely solidly built out of all metal, nicely chrome plated with nice quality controls. It works well to boot - like a good quality stove-top. You really get a full range heat control. I use mine at holiday time when my gas range is suffering from no vacancy. This will gently warm things without burning when set at low - a true test of the quality of the unit. Cheaper units "look" like they have full range controls but in fact, you get off and screech. Thanksgiving can be ruined if your mashed potatoes "warming" on your extra burner burst into flames because the "low" setting was mostly wishful thinking on the manufacturer's part. An excellent unit - a bit of an investment, but definitely worthwhile. I only use it twice a year, but will never regret it.

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Quick, hot as heck, and came with broken temperature dial
By Mateo
Keep in mind I am comparing this with a Rival brand (the actual brand, not just the word) solid hot-plate double burner that recently broke, one that sells on this site in fact.

This thing is basically a two-up of the the hot-coil electric ranges I grew up with in the 70's when gas ranges weren't used as much. The coils get red-hot, when I first got it I tried boiling some water (uncovered pots) just as a test. The smaller saucepan (clad-copper, Revereware) w/ 2 cups water (we're talking Top Ramen here, folks) boiled so fast I was amazed; it really wasn't that much slower than straight gas at med-high. The larger pasta pan took longer, obviously, but it's a heavy Calphalon aluminum pot so it takes a while to heat up anyway. It's also bigger than the coils so that takes longer, but even so, the thing came to a roiling boil pretty quickly. Cooking pasta at a really rolling boil, I'd probably half-place a lid on the pot to keep it really going, but nothing like dealing with the Rival brand.

I'm sorry I didn't actually time them, but suffice to say, with the Rival brand appliance I had to use pot lids half-cocked to get water to boil, which would then boil over when the water hit the covers.

Here's the BAD: The next day, I was cooking some eggs and using just the left burner. I noticed the other (right) burner was warm. Not hot, just warm. The temperature dial was definitely turned to "off". I tried turning it to "off" again, and guess what, it heated up to a red-hot glow as if it were on "high." I turned it to "off" yet again and it just went warm. However, I burned my thumb badly when I reached to grab the egg pan, not noting the other burner had gone red-hot again. The dial was STILL at "off" on the right-hand offending burner. My thumb has blistered and already popped, it's pretty nasty.

So I unplug the unit, do a few tests, and find the right temp. dial does not give the usual "click" that thermostat-controlled temperature dials like that do when they turn off and on (for instance, when a working one is set at "medium" and the thermostat determines the temp has fallen about 25 degrees, it makes a clicking noise when it kicks back up to medium. They're not exact, these electric appliances, just like a toaster oven does the same clicking thing.

For a final test, I simply plug in the unit w/ both switches definitely set at "off." Mr. Left is cool as a cucumber, Mr. Right is warm or red hot, depending on mood I guess. My point is it's a problem that replicates over and over, not a one-time or "stuck" thing. The unit is spotless, BTW, it is only 4 days old.

Have patience, I'm finishing up. Like I said, I've only had this for 4 days. I would LOVE it if not for the devil-influenced right-hand burner. I of course called customer service at BroilKing (NOT toll-free, BTW, and the same phone # for all of their departments)(which on the recording you'll find was formally "something-something" and maybe even another "something else"). The first two days it's past 2 pm my time and they're closed on the east coast, what can I say, I was working and couldn't be on hold for an explanation, RMA, whatever. Today, Fri. May 28th, they're CLOSED for Memorial Day. That's cool, I expect that on Monday the 31st, but I guess they decided Fri. would be good to take off too.

So I have this great piece that works with a terrible flaw. I'm sure it'll be fixed one way or another, the only thing I pause at is the warranty states that it's my duty to pay for cost of shipping and return freight as well as shipping insurance. THAT SUCKS. The thing arrived broken (it came from the CHEF site, BTW, though they have nothing to do with the manufacture). Hopefully when I can actually talk to a live body almost a week after I got it they will take care of the shipping costs as I really want this thing to work as advertised, it's good if it's not broken, if you know what I mean!

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